Studio Disorder is a platform for cooperation with queer and immigrant artists based in Berlin, disrupting notions of authorship in the field of dance and performance art. The platform was created in 2014 by Rodrigo Garcia Alves (Curator_Creator_Choreographer) that invited Mab Cardoso (Dancer) and Pêdra Costa (Performance Artist) to be part of it.


Studio Disorder's La Maison Baroque
Uferstudios Berlin 2014
Tanztage Berlin 2016 | Sophiensæle
Choreographer: Rodrigo Garcia Alves
Berlin, GE 2014/2016

Roots Bloody Roots
The Witch Dance Project | Sophiensæle
Choreographer: Rodrigo Garcia Alves
Curators: Franziska Werner & Christoph Winkler
Berlin, GE 2016

GA_trans_LÁ_cri_XI_a_AS_ção (Galaxies-transcreation)
Goethe Institute Salvador - ICBA
Vivadança Festival
Choreographer: Rodrigo Garcia Alves
Salvador-BA, Brazil 2016

SODA Works Festival
Choreographers: Mab Cardoso & Rodrigo Garcia Alves
Berlin Uferstudios
Berlin, GE 2017

Video still © Walter Bickmann

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