Solange, tô aberta! (Solange, I'm open!) is a Baile Funk Queer Punk concert promoting a dancing explosion. Premiered in 2006, the project embody and mix underground countercultures, using Baile Funk (originally from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro) as an artistic tool for resistance and politics, addressing issues related to sexualities, gender identities and hetero & homo normative stereotypes.

In this work, the Drag Queen culture, Hardcore Punk and Baile Funk come together and merge through a strong active form of bodily discursive critique, motivated by a shocking aural and visual aesthetic. The themes of this standalone performance remain due to the strong authorial voice.

Along 13 years of live, the show has been presented in Brazil, Bolivia, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Poland, Spain, Germany, Austria, Greece, France, Portugal, USA and has reached several queer communities around the world.

Cuceta - the queer culture of Solange, I am open!
Dir.: Claudio Manoel, 13min., Salvador-Bahia, Brazil 2010

Dir.: Pêdra Costa, 6min., Vienna AT, 2017

Photo © Luiz Lima

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