STA! (Experimental, 6', Vienna 2017)

STA! is a fluid and experimental visual essay on queer kinship, inter-sectional communities and the power of collective joy against the perpetuation of terror in the experience of queer migrants. STA! is a film about the affective network that is needed to hold such a project; it is about building community through collaborative work, and it is about creating spaces for the celebration of our lives, histories, voices and bodies. (Jota Mombaça)

Bad or Red (Post Porn, 5'25'', Berlin 2016)

LICK ME (Post Porn, 9', Berlin 2014)

Verarschung (Video lecture, 3'50'', Berlin 2013)

The ass gives a lecture. The video mixes texts by authors such as Audre Lorde, Manada de Lobxs, João W. Nery, Azealia Banks, Tetine, Pêdra Costa, speaking in Brazilian Portuguese, Broken English, Portuñol and German, and it is based on the concept of mestiza and cultural hybridity from Gloria Anzaldúa's work on intersectional difference in order to articulate a politics of coalition against the exclusion of alterity.

The revolution is my floppy dick (Post Porn, 1'53'', Rio de Janeiro 2012)

Video still © STA!/Pêdra Costa

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