de_colon_isation is a live performance series to create a space of intimacy and political claim through the body, live images by a dildo camera and "The Southern Butthole Manifesto". It uses post-porn as a strategy of pleasure, aesthetics and politics. Playing the artist as an exhibitionist, it shows performance art as a place to interact with the presence of the audience and disturb their gaze, through feelings, desire and empathy. The action merges the social categories of public and private, privileges and subalternity, sameness and alterity.

The research brings a critical thinking on The Anthropophagic Manifesto (Oswald de Andrade, 1928), a review of sodomy crimes committed against gender dissidents in Colonial Brazil established by The Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition (1536-1821) and issues on Global South and North and their ways to make performance art.

It has been presented at Friday Exit (Vienna), Kunstraum Niederoesterreich (Vienna), frei_raum Q21 (Vienna), AMOQA (Athens Museum Of Queer Arts), Capacete International Art Residency (Rio de Janeiro), AGORA Collective e.V. (Berlin), Matadero Madrid, TransFormations - Trans Film Festival (Berlin), UdK (University of Arts, Berlin), Museum of Impossible Forms (Helsinki) and Schwules Museum (Berlin).

Pêdra Costa introduces their work in progress about the Pêdra Costa introduces their work in progress about the decolonisation of the butthole.
frei_raum Q21, MuseumsQuartier
Vienna, AT 2017

de_colon_isation part I: inner beauty
Anti*colonial fantasies - Decolonial Strategies
Curators: Imayna Caceres, Sunanda Mesquita & Sophie Utikal
Friday Exit
Vienna, AT 2016

de_colon_isation part II: The Southern Ass
Touch the Reality. Rethinking Keywords of Political Performance
Curator: Ursula Maria Probst
Kunstraum Niederoesterreich
Vienna, AT 2017

de_colon_isation part III: the bum bum cream
Curator: Ursula Maria Probst
frei_raum Q21 / MuseumsQuartier
Vienna, AT 2017

de_colon_isation part IV: portfolio
Professional orientation program and networking event
Curators: Paz Ponce, Daniela Labra and Kap Hoorn
September 30 2018, AGORA Collective e.V., Berlin

de_colon_isation part V: a performative experience
Violence in the Arts
Lecture Series of the DFG Research Training Group “Knowledge in the Arts”
Universität der Künste Berlin
February 4, 2019

de_colon_isation part VI: inbodiesvisibleborders
Manifestos for Queer Futures
Part of the festival “The Present Is Not Enough – Performing Queer Histories and Futures”
HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin
June 21, 2019

de_colon_isation part VII: TSO 1536-1821*

*never performed before

Photo © Pianka

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